Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sing Sing

[Bad Music] City Weekly contributor Ryan Bradford recently brought this to my attention. The list reminds me of the constant, punishing rotation of Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews and Norah Jones albums I was forced to endure while waiting tables at a local restaurant a few years back. Now I can’t drink Diet Coke without Ms. Jones' nice, but ultimately boring voice, lulling me into a coma and resulting in rather embarrassing stains of artificially sweetened soda on my clothes. At least I no longer have to wear a bolo tie to work. What songs do you consider to be instruments of torture? (Jamie Gadette)


  1. Jimmy Buffet. I'd take water boarding over listening to his albums any day.

  2. Hey Ryan, I 2nd that notion.
    Once upon a time, when I was 10, my 2 parents, 1 brother, 4 sisters and myself road tripped to southern California- (this is a VERY bad idea by the way). My mother made a Jimmy Buffet mixed tape for the ride- God bless her soul. Jimmy Buffet + 5 kids + one small mini van + roughly 685 miles = needless to say, maybe the worst idea ever.
    That's all.

  3. I'd take one Buffet over a life's work of Journey, Boston, Foreigner or Kansas--the quartet that water boarded Rock and Roll

  4. Oh, I am so dating myself. Anything by America, the horrifying soft-rock band of the '70s. I was in my dentist's chair a couple of months back and piped in on FM-100 was "Horse With No Name." Egawd, I'd rather the dentist had come at with me pliers and no painkiller.

    I second Nora Jones. I caught my husband listening to her the other night. I asked, politely, if we could just run a nail file over the CD and be done with it.

    Great post!

  5. Jack Johnson is still better than Interpol.

  6. The Flaming Lips, on that Pink Robots album.

    I worked at a certain late hours coffee shop (I'm fairly certain ou know which one, JME, wink wink) whose employees played them on repeat. I can't listen to them without wanting to choke a barista now.

  7. What?? No mention of Creed or Nickelback yet?

    So disappointed. Tsk tsk tsk.

    I'd rather be force-fed broken shards and induced to vomit them back up rather than listen to any of those two groups.

    .....but that's just me.

  8. I third Buffet. Never have been able to digest the stroke of genius, "Cheeseburgers in Paradise." :-(

  9. Thank you for saying that Interpol sucks. And yes, I get tired of JJ and the likes as well.

    Songs I can't stomach, ever:

    "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's
    "Stacy's Mom" by whoever it is
    "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness


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