Friday, February 29, 2008

Utah Women All Over It

[Sports] Since so many of us are counting the days until NCAA March Madness, I feel compelled to make my annual pitch:

Go watch the University of Utah women's basketball team play. This Sunday. 3 p.m. Huntsman Center on the U. of U. campus. They're playing Wyoming.

Why should you go? Because these women are--simply put--awesome.

Need another reason? The men's team pretty much sucks this season (and I'm a season-ticket holder and dedicated fan, even in the bad years). Coach Jim Boylen is fun to watch, and he ends nearly every game sputtering out a plea for fans to never give up on his team. They're young, they're building a program, etc.

As for the women Utes, they're already built. They don't need any explanation--to anyone. Coach Elaine Elliott amazes fans every year with her skill in teaching her women teamwork and all the best moves. Watch 5-foot-5 point guard Leilani Mitchell (second in the country in assists) pivot and weave under and around players two heads taller and you'll see what I mean. (That's Mitchell in the photo, courtesy of the Mountain West Conference.)

Besides, admission is way cheap. They never come close to filling the Huntsman Center, and you can move up to better seats.

The Utah women are ranked 16th in the nation.They're quick, they're hot. Are you going? I'll see you there. (Holly Mullen)

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  1. Yes !!
    Elaine gets the most from her available talent year after year. Living here in NorCal I`ve only seen the Lady Utes once...a tough overtime loss to Stanford. But they are far better coached than the men (who seem afflicted with schizophrenia).

    Nice that the game is sunday...a good opportunity to skip Sacrament Meeting and `praps sneak in some chardonnay to enjoy the game with.


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