Thursday, January 10, 2008

Talked to Death

[Radio] Since local talk radio in Salt Lake City has been going from bad to Worse Than Chewing an Aluminum Foil Hat for years now, oversaturated with conservative yakkers and sports blather, imagine how happy I was to discover over the holidays that The Rick Emerson Show is finally available online via live weekday streams and iTunes podcasts--Merry damn Christmas to me!

Refresher: A little over 10 years ago, the local Citadel Broadcasting arm launched an AM station called SuperTalk 1320, featuring a gaggle of young out-of-towners doing an edgy (this was before "edgy" became a dirty word) brand of talk that gathered much buzz but little ratings. Rick Emerson--then called Rick Taylor--was the afternoon drive-time anchor, and he was everything a talk radio fan under 50 could ask for: Confrontational, funny, smart, vaguely liberal, pop-culture obsessed and driven to Get Your Attention! like no one before or since on SLC's airwaves.

Of course, the station struggled and went under (1320 is now, yep, all sports); Taylor went northwest and became Rick Emerson on Portland radio. Currently, he's on 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific Time on Solid State Radio 970 AM, a station that carries a very SuperTalk lineup of Don & Mike, Tom Leykis and, at one time, former SuperTalk cohort Clyde Lewis.

Before KSL shuts down what's left of The Nightside Project, I'd highly recommend podcasting The Rick Emerson Show for your non-geezer talk radio needs. Now, where's Martin Davies? (Bill Frost)


  1. Nice article Those were good days.

  2. You know that Marvin passed away a year or so ago, right?

  3. Did you wash you ass today?

  4. Fuck me in the goat ass!

    That Bill Frost sure sucks a good dick.

  5. He sure does...Dolt as well!

  6. mrk, it is not polite to talk with your mouth full...

  7. Glad to see KUTV can now do full body shots since Michell king went to thew glue factory.

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  8. Alfonzo Scoffield Jr.January 15, 2008 at 4:40 PM

    I'm your father...

    God, I hate fuckin Bill frost.

  9. Bill Frost is a shit eating mongoloid.

  10. Billy, dont be a Negro....

  11. Our dear friend Martin David Davies is incarcerated in the Weber county prison camp jail, I need everyone to pledge a monetary donation so we can bail his bald ass out again.
    I am pledging $5 bucks (the cost of a $5 buck pizza).
    Please remember all that Martin has done for us all, once he helped me by uhhh ummmm ahhh uhhmmmm eeeeeeee Well he must have helped me somehow.
    skippy the real Martin is in jail awaiting sentencing for child porn he is not I repeat NOT dead!

  12. Gawd I hate that SOB Bill Frost.

    He is a total fag.

  13. I talked to Martin today and he said to tell you all he needs your help and support.
    He said he was set up by the police and that the porn was planted on his computer by a cop who hates him.

    Free Martin Davies

    send your money to the Martin Davies fund of weber county.

  14. Thanks alot for nothing you dirty Bum LooKers.
    I am still in this weber county corrections hell hole!
    What happened to all my toonheads?
    I need to get back home so I can feed the damned cats! do any of you give a shit about my damned cats?
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    Start a donation fund for me or something, my F*CKING cats are hungry they need me, did I mention Nat has left me? skippy, Mark dolt someone please help me before I go postal or something.


    Martin Davies

  15. Lil' Jimmy MeansFebruary 3, 2008 at 8:36 PM

    skippy has a big dick.

  16. Jimmy, how do you know skippy has a big dick?

    How long has Martin Davies been in jail? and what is Martin Davies really in Jail for?

    I heard skippy has a dick smaller than Danny Bonaduce 's

  17. Me plenty big. Giant. I will damn near reach the wall.

  18. Terrance and PhillipFebruary 9, 2008 at 2:52 PM

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    Martin Davies is serving time in the Weber county corrections facility.
    Here's the true story, Martin wanted to fly home for Christmas but was stopped at SLC int airport because his name came up on a suspected list of terrorists.
    Maritn has converted to Islam and his new name is Ishmill Alaihimus Salaatu.

  20. Kiddies let me set the records straight here.
    I was arrested at my home for frolicing in the privacy of my fenced backyard with my kitties.
    Ok so I was drinking and singing also.
    The bastards drove through my fence destroying it and then they arrested me? bastards.
    Now Nat is has to take the cats to thereapy every week cause they were traumatized.


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