Friday, January 18, 2008

SLAMMys: Week 2

[Local Music] I'm so excited about this weekend's SLAMMys showcases! Tonight, after a little Gallery Strollin', head over to Addicted Cafe for various takes on metal/hardcore with I Am the Ocean, God's Revolver and Tamerlane, plus a slammin' vegan sloppy joe! I know. I was skeptical too. But that shit is the shit!

After, get on down to Club Vegas for hard, harder and hardest rock with Accidente, Loom, Glacial, and Blackhole, and emcee/True TV superstar Bill Frost.

Here's a taste of what's to come tonight:

Tomorrow, enjoy the soothing sounds of Fuck the Informer, Andale!, and Monorchist at Bar Deluxe OR some solid "indie" and blues at Burt's with Downright Blue and Tolchock Trio--perhaps the strangest bill we could come up with, but hey, that's what happens when bands share members and can't play two shows at once. (Jamie Gadette)

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