Friday, January 25, 2008

Meth: It's What's for Dinner

[TV] AMC's new original TV drama Breaking Bad could be the best show about a middle-aged meth dealer since, well, ever--and I'm not even going to make the all-too-easy Ogden joke here. If you missed Sunday's premiere (which City Weekly's Ted McDonough called "hilarious," and he ain't easy to get a laugh out of, trust me), AMC repeats it twice tonight; second episode to follow on Sunday. It's good, dark stuff--we know you like it that way.

As part of AMC's promotion, the website lets you send a personalized get-yr-shit-together video to a friend--it may not be life-changing, but it is the coolest widget trick I've seen in at least the last five minutes. An example:

(Bill Frost)

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