Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bruce Lee and Other Badasses

[Mass Transit] Since the first of the year, I've been taking the University TRAX line almost daily to and from the CW offices. It's partly a mission to lighten up my size-8 carbon footprint; and oh yeah, I have "loaned" my 7-year old car to my 19-year-old daughter in Los Angeles.

Beyond the minute environmental difference I'm making, I get a lot more than I give in this deal. The eavesdropping opportunities on the train are fabulous. (I partially make my living off of overhearing others' conversations--don't say you weren't warned.) This morning, on the 9:29 ride from Rice-Eccles Stadium, two rough-hewn guys, just slightly liquored up, got on at the Library stop, sat right behind me and spent the next three minutes (until I got off the train at Gallivan Plaza) comparing the prowess of martial arts heroes. Here is their approximate conversation:

Guy 1: A lady friend gave me this diamond earring (points to his ear).
Guy 2: You better have it in the right ear. You could get beat up for wearing it in the wrong ear, my man.
Guy 1: Yeah, but they'd have to be tough, man. They'd have to be Bruce Lee to beat me up.
Guy 2: Bruce Lee. Oh man, he was the baddest martial arts dude. The baddest.
Guy 1: What about Chuck Norris?
Guy 2: Chuck Norris. He's bad. He's the second baddest.
Guy 1: I'll agree with you there, man. And Jet Li. He's the third baddest. Him and that guy in Transformers.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. Yeah except chuck norris has been demoted to loser since he started shilling for mike huckabee... I mean wtf?

  2. This is so funny because I over heard a conversation on Trax that started out very similar but went a totally different direction. Two guys, a piece of jewelry from a girl, and “not being easy to beat up” but unfortunately they just started to compare kicks instead of martial art greats.


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