Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mormons Against Romney (They Exist)

[Election 2008] I just stumbled onto a blog 'o' Zion that shuld be of some interest to all the momo's out there who might be fearful that criticizing Romney will get them disinvited from bunko night. Mormons Against Romney is a blog set up by faithful who have found a calling in making sure Romney isn't the first Prez with a temple recommend. Not because of his faith, but because his slippery politics don't make him an ideal candidate for prez, and certainly not for the first momo prez.

Me thinks these bloggers are of a liberal bent, but nothing wrong there, hell Utah and the world are always in a short supply of the liberal latter-day folks. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. I am one of those true blue Mormons you speak of. How about being an old bishop? I have donated funds to Hillary and Barack both early on. Believe it or not there are at least 10 people I know who are of the predominant faith and cannot stomach Mitt, 'the politician of change' as McCain aptly dubbed him.

    I think it is also insightful that our Gov. Huntsman very early on supported McCain. What was up with that? Two powerful personalities yet some love lost somewhere between them.

  2. Mitt is a chameleon that tries to please as many people as much of the time as he can. I've written on Simple Utah Mormon Politics about how this disturbs me.

    He would make a better president than most of the candidates out there, but that's not really saying much.

  3. Mormons can have their own opinions, ya know! Trust me, the prophet doesn't tell us who to vote for, or what political party to belong to. Myself, I probably won't vote for Romney, still deciding.

  4. Our scriptures direct and it is implied we are to search things out for ourselves and understand as much as we can confirming Rebecca H's statement. The direction to 'search all things' is found in the 88th Section of the D&C.

  5. Mitt Romney is running on his own agenda. He's not representing the mormon faith, he just happens to be mormon. He will represent anyone
    and anything that makes himself look better.

    Unfortunately for most mormons the fact he is, is enough to get their vote.

  6. Maybe there are 12 people who are Mormons who do not like Mitt.


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