Sunday, January 27, 2008

SLAMMys Week 3: Indie Rock at Urban Lounge

[Local Music] Even though Sundance is done, I believe we, as a city, can persevere.

As Sundance died its quiet death on Saturday night (much to the
passivity of everyone involved), the rest of Salt Lake went on living.

After missing out on a promising Friday night of SLAMMys performances (due to a disappointing Sundance screening of Choke) I made it my duty to catch the indie rock showcase at Urban Lounge. And even though I have yet to be disappointed by a Slammy performance, Saturday night proved to be the best so far.

The Lionelle earned some deserved props for putting on a superb first act. Both Cavedoll (above) and Let's Become Actors decreed the prowess of the new(ish) band, and I couldn't agree more. Check out their album Oh! The Company That We Keep! and you'll agree with me that it's the type of music that scares the hell out of you. Seeing them live was no different.

Let's Become Actors is that band that you want hate: good-looking dudes who play catchy tunes. I probably would've liked them more if the GF didn't want to do them so bad.

Cavedoll had color-coordination, rope lights and a projector... even if they didn't play so well, I would've been a fan (because I'm easily amused by rope lights). The six-piece gave the night some much-needed sass with their mix of pop and electro-dance, which filled the previously-empty dance floor. Extra kudos to drummer Jamison Wilkins, who did a fantastic job of standing out amidst a stage of dominant and sexy performers (sheesh, I don't wanna get all adolescent-boy on you, but I haven't tried as hard to catch eyes with a female performer since I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a couple years ago). Drummers rarely get their due, and Wilkins was incredibly tight. (Ryan Bradford)


  1. Jamison is the shiz. There is no despute there. But Drummers get thier props, what about the "death bed" risen bass player? Played good for someone about to fall over?

  2. which girl were you trying to catch eyes with? just curious...


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