Monday, January 28, 2008

SLAMMys Week 3: Come On Feel the Noise, and Ambient Bliss

[Local Music] Ambient experimental music certainly isn't for everyone, but I'm a Twin Peaks watchin' William S. Burroughs readin' gal who has always had a taste for the stranger things in life.
So, you can imagine my off the hook jubilation when the Ambient Rock and Noise SLAMMys showcases fell on the same weekend.

Friday night, I headed to Liquid Joe's to check out I Hear Sirens, Our Time in Space, and DulceSky. I was absolutely impressed by the respectful, attentive Liquid Joe's audience. It's so refreshing to attend a show populated by people there to listen.

I Hear Sirens played first, and polished off an impressive instrumental set that was met with warm applause and lots of love. It’s always gratifying to see a vocal-less band with a solid fan base.

My personal favorite was Our Time In Space. They’re currently working on some new, more high octane material that they debuted on Friday night. OTIS never cease to amaze me because they’ve mastered a certain straight-up rock & roll fierceness with ambient underpinnings. I would highly recommend their live show.

DulceSky played last, and their darker, more moody brand of ambient rock never fails to mesmerize an audience.

On Friday Night, I felt like the animated head with the glowing red sinuses from the Tylenol Cold and Sinus commercial, but the Ambient Rock showcase was certainly worth while, so I’m glad I attended.
On Saturday, I STILL felt like the animated head with glowing red sinuses from the Tylenol Cold And Sinus commercial, but that didn’t stop me from attending the SLAMMys Noise Showcase at Red Light Books.
“And what’s the appeal of noise?” asks 99.9% of the population…

I will readily admit that experimental music lacks universal appeal. But I will say if you’re willing to give noise a chance, you’d be amazed at what it does for your mind and senses.
15 minutes of solid drone always clears my mind and re-sensitizes me to the nuances of the world.
Tenants of Balthazar’s Castle, Palace of Buddies, I Hate Girls With Bruises, Yeti, Agape, and Ih86335 (that’s “I hate bees,” people) all played solid sets to a respectful, attentive crowd in the cozy basement of Red Light Books which resembles the cave where the Fraggles live (sparkly ceiling and all...)
It’s always comforting to know that you’re not the only Twin Peaks watchin’, William S. Burroughs readin’ noise lovin’ gal in town. (Jenny Poplar)

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