Saturday, January 19, 2008

SLAMMys: Week 2: Night 1 Recap

[Local Music] Last night's SLAMMys metal/hardcore showcase at Addicted Cafe almost went off without a hitch. I showed up around 7, dragging along a friend who insisted she doesn't like "loud" music. Come on, I said. You need to free your mind! She left after one God's Revolver song. So they're not for everyone, but man did they deliver some much needed catharsis for the end of this hectic work week. In fact, I could only finish one of two tasty vegan sloppy joes before the rock successfully stole my attention.

I tried out the new City Weekly camera, trying to capture all of the action but often losing track of both God's Revolver and I Am the Ocean's lead singers who roamed the floor in front of Addicted's raised corner stage throughout each of their sets.

I Am the Ocean was tiiiight. Guess touring more than half the year really helps a band's chops. Perhaps more impressive--the star-struck fans circling the stage floor, mouthing the words to nearly every song. The front row mainly featured cute young girls who were downright salivating over the young musicians who are "not metal or hardcore," as bassist Jeremy pointed out. Yes, we know. But we can't have specialized labels for every group in town. It's a loose category, for continuity's sake. And, sad to say, the general public doesn't know the difference between metal-core, grind-core, screamo, metal, etc.

The evening closed with Salt Lake City hardcore band Tamerlane who performed about two songs before the packed audience before some jerk got out of control and punched (!) Addicted Cafe owner Kelly's wife in the face. Half the crowd chased him out into the street, ostensibly to teach him a lesson and Kelly, understandably, asked Tamerlane to cut their set short. I was behind the cafe counter with one of Addicted's friendly employees. Though the room was soon covered in tense, uncomfortable silence, he was nice enough to ask if I still wanted my hot chocolate with soy.
A grim end to an otherwise killer evening.

I still suggest checking out Tamerlane whose solid instrumentation and double-team vocals left me wanting more. Here's to controlling yourself and having respect for others. (Jamie Gadette)


  1. glad i had to work last night and didn't make it over. too bad really, just another all-ages venue ruined for all of us.

    i agree with your last line tho- tamerlane is good -really good, but "here's to respecting other people."

  2. Equal rights equal fights

  3. i guess this is what they call "constructive journalism" i see it all the time on fox news.

  4. Really? You really found something to criticize here. Great job.

  5. To Equal right equal fights:

    Some jackass hits the owner's wife for asking him to settle down and that's deserved? What's equal about that? If she threw a punch, sure...but come on. You've got a meat head mentality, buddy...and that's not gonna get your farther than the local parole office. Nice job.

  6. oh really? hey if you were there you'd know that the owners wife was pretty far out of line and jumping in everybody's face...thats what she gets. if you treat the entire crowd like an asshole you get popped in the eye. its her own fault.

  7. the first two bands were probably the biggest waste of my life, i kinda want those minutes back. hopefully they broke up soon after their sets ended so i never have to hear about them again

  8. i wasn't there, but i heard from a friend who knows someone who was there; that someone had a fireman's ax and tried to cut people in half. that's pretty extreme. and not equal by any means.


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