Friday, January 18, 2008

Still Very Closed

[Just a Reminder] The hallowed Zephyr Club in downtown Salt Lake City has now been closed for four years, two months and change. The building's still standing; nothing new has moved in. It's not like SLC is hurting for live music venues (more SLAMMys tonight and tomorrow, shameless plug), but could someone at least rip it down or turn it into mini-condos so we don't have to be reminded of what a great joint we lost on Halloween 2003? Thanks. (Bill Frost)


  1. That whole section of 300 South is a blight - from the empty IHC office building to the weedy former site of Spanky's to the now-empty Siegfried's to the abandoned Zephyr. I'm writing Ralph.

  2. Actually, the IHC office building is being converted into pricey work/live condos. Everything west of it, yeah, blight.


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