Friday, January 25, 2008

Girlfriend needs a manager!

[Republican Family Values] For those who worry that everybody in Utah County has become a neocon bent on spending up the hugest deficit in U.S. history, it's good to know that the key value of thriftiness is still espoused by some people in Orem.

Yep, you read right: That was $20 for a blowjob.

Somebody needs to have a talk with those girls--if not to keep them indoors where they obviously need to be kept, at least to teach them the value of a dollar. (Hint, girls: The value of a dollar is falling like a rock. Start your negotiations out at $200 and haggle from there.) Where is the union rep?
(Brandon Burt)


  1. Utah county 'blows'January 25, 2008 at 3:38 PM

    Is it wrong to somewhat enjoy seeing someone so holier than thou getting their comeuppance? I know minors were involved...

  2. I'm not surprised that someone who would break the law by editing movies would also pay minors for sex.

    What surprised me about this story and how it has been presented by the main stream media, is that somehow the first offense is ignored completely. Just goes to show that the community standard is to wink at censorship and copyright violations. Where is the integrity?

    Just think about it! Had the community stood up against the first illegal act the opportunity for these sexual assaults might not have occurred.

    And yes - $20!!! What a Cheap Creep!

  3. it is disturbing how someone breaking the law in an acceptable way (in that community) is so heralded, but when they break the law like this it is swept under the rug.
    So like our little Utah community, the virtue is overblown, the vice is ignored.


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