Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Annie Get Your Gun

[Legislature] It's unclear whether he is preparing for Armageddon, or the coming class wars in which God-fearing men will have to protect their storehouses from marauding bands of poor people. Whichever, Utah Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Lehi, has a proposal for the 2008 Utah Legislature some wags have dubbed the "Annie Get Your Gun Bill."

According to provisions of Madsen’s S.B 157, every man, woman and child will be able to carry a gun on the streets during a “declared state of emergency.” No policeman, mayor, or city council could confiscate a gun, or, in fact, do anything to stop gun owners from “the lawful possession, transfer, sale, transport, storage, display or use of a firearm or ammunition.” Utah’s governor would be specifically barred from interfering with guns. And anyone who had their weapon confiscated could sue.

Madson is sponsoring another bill this legislative session with the suggestive title, “Protection of Constitutionally Guaranteed Activities in Certain Private Venues.” Unfortunately, the bill on closer inspection also turns out to be gun related. The measure would force private employers to allow employees to bring guns with them to work, as long as the guns were properly stowed in cars.

Readers may recall Madsen as one of a group of gun-toting lawmakers who, this summer, had to unholster and secure weapons strapped to their bodies during the middle of what was supposed to be an educational bus tour of Davis County. (Ted McDonough)


  1. So? What's your point?

  2. men who feel they have to carry a gun everywhere are either insecure, impotent, or small. It's Freudian people- a gun? please, try some viagra instead.

  3. So, "feel the barrel", you don't feel as if medicating the folks that you described with viagra would be a mistake? I mean, that's all we need: even more insecure, small people running around with engorged members, looking for somebody (or something) to put them in. I say give 'em more guns! At the very least, it's a viable tool in reducing numbers in a society that seems to be producing more idiots than anything else.

  4. This whole culture of fear is really getting out of hand. From George Bush to our state reps, there's a constant bunker mentality to life that really is ridiculous.How do you live that way? Where's the enjoyment in existence?

    God, it must be horrible to feel so paranoid, to look on everyone as an enemy every minute of the day.

  5. I agree with anonymous, at least when they are carrying guns around there is a chance to thin the herd. If they took viagra they might reproduce.

  6. Congratulations to Salt Blog. You are actually start to look like a forum for discussion! keep up the good work. Of course it must make your jobs a helluva lot easier when the legislature is in session.

  7. During a "declared state of emergency" people could sue if their guns were confiscated?

    That must be a huge comfort for gun owners. After all, what police-state military junta likely to take control during a "state of emergency" would dare risk a lawsuit by a civil-rights lawyer?


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