Friday, January 18, 2008

Study Shows Utah Same-Sex Couples More Educated, Paid Less

[Study] The Williams Institute recently released a "census snapshot" report on demographics of same sex couples in Utah vs. the breeders. Their summary would indicate that while same sex couples are generally more educated than married heteros, gay men are paid less than straight men, and lesbians are paid less than gay and straight men.

The Williams Institute is a based out of UCLA and is devoted to studying sexual orientation and law and public policy. The report shows that the average gay man in a same sex couple has an individual average salary of $37,118 compared to a straight married man at $45,414.

For women in same sex relationships the average individual salary was $27,752 compared to $20,654 for straight women.

The numbers there are fascinating, on the one hand lesbians are out earning their straight counterparts but still remain far behind both gay and straight men.

Which is amusing to think that when you look at the numbers the biggest disparity here is still just male/female.

While it seems a glaring inequality that gay couples while more educated (37 percent of individuals in same sex relationship with a college degree compared to 26 percent of individuals in straight couples) are paid individually less, at least as a duo they are actually out earning straight couples.

The average median household income for same sex couples was $59,100 compared to $56,000 for married couples. What is really amazing however is the disparity between households with children. The average median income for a same sex household with children was $88,000 compared to $58,000 for married.

The numbers certainly are amazing and would seem to suggest there are distinct workplace inequalities going on. Rep. Christine Johnson, D-Salt Lake is actually hoping to bring forth an
anti-discrimination bill this session that would extend existing nondiscrimination law to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community. But stay tuned to next week's issue to learn more about that... (Eric S. Peterson)

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