Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holy C.O.D.!

[Thursday Quiz] Each answer is the name of a religious leader. You are given a brief description and the cause of his or her death.
  1. Founded Christianity; crucifixion. [Answer]
  2. First Latter-day Saint prophet; gunshot wounds. [Answer]
  3. Sci-fi author; stroke. [Answer]
  4. Translated the Bible into German; heart attack. [Answer]
  5. Thelemic author of The Book of the Law; respiratory infection [Answer]
  6. Barely became the first Christian Roman emperor; prolonged illness. [Answer]
  7. Christian Science founder; pneumonia. [Answer]
  8. Bisexual founder of Wicca; lung cancer. [Answer]
  9. Indian prince who achieved Nirvana; mushroom poisoning [Answer]
  10. Islamic prophet; head pains [Answer]
  11. Jewish prophet; died in Jordan on Mt. Nebo [Answer]
  12. First Mormon Utah governor; cholera [Answer]
(Brandon Burt)

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