Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sundance: Rock Band vs. Rock Band

[Fest Music] Ahh Sundance, how you fail to surprise us. Last year and the year prior, I covered music for City Weekly's daily festival updates. It was a mixed bag of freezing temperatures, shitty stuck-up celebs, friendly and not-so friendly club owners, and some truly amazing music performances.

Both years, I returned to the valley feeling a little empty. Bands who put their heart and soul into their Sundance performances were often met with indifference--especially at random parties where the people in attendance cared more about free Socko and vodka or how hot they looked than the headlining act providing background sounds for their inept behavior.

I remember watching Broken Social Scene from behind a sectioned off "VIP" area placed directly in front of the stage. Of course, all of the people inside the "VIP" area had their backs turned to the Canadian collective. What a waste. I bring this up because I'm planning to head up to PC tonight to see the Aggrolites at a BMI party (by the way, BMI's representatives are some of the nicest, most accomodating people I've met during past festivals) and am feeling kind of ambivalent about it all.

Last week, Salt Lake City's Future of the Ghost performed at a Sundance party in one of Park City's bars, temporarily branded by several corporate imprints. The band had to basically force their way onstage, then wait until the folks playing Rock Band (the videogame which allows users to pretend they're musicians) finished up and made room for the three-piece indie group. What? Why even hire a band to perform? Why not hire a DJ or better yet, leave the audience members to talk amongst themselves (since they obviously love the sound of their voices). Needless to say, it was the Future of the Ghost's worst show to date.

Here's some footage of them performing for people who give a shit:

Check out Future of the Ghost at
Velour for the SLAMMys showcase, also featuring Seve vs. Evan and Kid Theodore.

I'll let you know how the Aggrolites show turns out. Fingers crossed (Jamie Gadette)


  1. four-piece band now, it was my second show. and yeah, it sucked.

  2. Oh yes! Thanks Ryan. That's Ryan from Tolchock, filling out Future with his mad skillz


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