Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Spite on the Hill

[Utah Legislature] It's time again for an ugly bill pushed by ugly people who have little regard for humanity.

All together now: Spite makes right!

Those who did the right thing by rejecting House Bill 241: Reps. Holdaway; Gowans; Moss; Shurtliff; and Wheatley.

As for the bigots in the majority on the committee? Well, somebody keeps electing them. (Holly Mullen)


  1. No kidding, Holly. How do these people keep getting re-elected?

    Oh yeah, that's right. No one pays attention.

    I tried to find the article, but couldn't...but was it in the D News right before the session started that a survey showed something like 60% of Utahns couldn't name their legislators? The same survey showed a large majority of people want additional funding for schools, a majority want an indepent body of some kind to oversee conflicts of interest, etc., the immigration issue was closer, but a slight majority favored keeping in-state tuition. But the legislature knows it doesn't really have to listen to the people, because when it counts, they know the people in their districts will just click the box and re-elect them without checking voting records or knowing their stance on issues. It's so incredibly frustrating, as someone who DOES know my representatives, to see this ignorance go on and on every year. When will everyone wake up and pay attention??

    This is the time of year when I seriously think about moving.

  2. Considering the declining state of my own neighborhood due to illegals moving in, it is becoming difficult for me to muster any sympathy for their plight. If you're here illegally, when so many others are trying to get in through legal channels, then you'll just have to deal with the legislation concocted to address the negative issue that you are a part of. Don't like it? Move back home.

  3. Nice anonymous. So what, exactly, are the children in undocumented workers families supposed to do? Stay in Mexico on their own? Or go back to Mexico when they are ready for college? Or not go to college so that you can continue to benefit from the economic rewards of cheap labor?

  4. Lauren, because the children are here illegally with their parents, they should pay full tuition if they wish to attend college. I don't mind anybody working toward a good education, but if you refuse to follow rules that I myself have to follow, you can kiss my ass.

    And, you yourself can kiss my ass with your comment pertaining to my benefitting from cheap, illegal labor. As a cook that works with dozens of illegals, nothing could be farther from the truth.

    I suspect that the illegal's best proponents are people that have nothing to do with them. Ya'll sit up there on the East side, or in the Avenues, content with your smug, know-it-all views. I, on the other hand, have worked with them, side by side, for years. I have been invited to and have attended Mexican baptisms, weddings and other social gatherings. I love Mexico. I love Mexican's and their rich culture. I have many Mexican friends, several of whom are here illegally. These facts do not serve to blind me to reality. The reality is that illegal immigration, on many levels, is a serious problem. Period.

  5. Our entire economy benefits from the cheap labor, and if you're participating in that economy, you're benefitting from it too. We all are.

    Anyway, I'm sure that all of the friends that you supposedly care about so much would love to hear you say to their kids "If you want to go to college, pay out of state tuition. If you don't like it, go home."

  6. Lauren, I do care about my friends. I don't care whether you believe me or not. And you are incorrect. My own wages are suppressed because of this cheap, abundant labor. I am not benefitting from it and neither are my Mexican friends. I am losing because of it and so are they.

    If you're talking about goods that I purchase, I'm wondering how Chinese made junk benefits from illegal labor here in the USA. I don't see a lot of tags that state, "Made in the USA" anymore.

    You don't even realize that you are saying that YOU support illegal immigration because you benefit from their broken backs and shoddy paychecks. Shame on you, miss.

    If America actually did something to stem the tide of illegal immigration, my friends wouldn't be in a position to be taken advantage of by their employers in order to cushion your expenses.

    My friends (not to mention a lot of people that I'd never acquaint myself with) are here because America has contributed to the suppression of the Mexican economy for decades. They've always been under our thumb. If only we had sent some of the jobs that we hemorrhage to India and China to Mexico, instead, then perhaps my Mexican friends would not be in such a fix. And let's not forget about NAFTA - that was an ingenious move. Obviously, Mexicans really benefitted from that.

    The fact is, Mexicans have always suffered the raw deal. We've always screwed them over. They live in a country that could, and should be a nice place to be, but we've done nothing (I am positive that you haven't) to help them in their own country. And now, just because I am friends with many of them, you'd like for me to close my eyes to something that is in my face daily, while you observe from afar?

    If I am incorrect, and you do actually know something about this situation besides what you've been trained to believe, by all means, say so.

    This is a complicated issue, especially for me. Obviously, I am not forthcoming with my political views pertaining to my Mexican friends. I want my friends, but I wish that they'd follow the laws of our country. I do, you do, and so should everybody else.

    Don't you dare complain when you're living in our own version of Mexico - And I am not talking about living amongst masses of brown skinned people.


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