Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sayonara Mitt

[Presidential Race] OK, so it's only Dixville Notch. And it's going to be a long bus ride to South Carolina for Mitt Romney. He's done. (Holly Mullen)


  1. The only people that believe Mitt isn't done are Republicans in Utah and his newest fans Fox news. Anyone catch the debate on Sunday and watch the fox "focus" group? The whole thing was an unpaid advertisement for Romney. It was actually quite comical because the only thing the moderator asked was opinion on Romney and people fawned all over him only after looking around the room to make sure they weren't the only ones. Then they cut back and the moderator gushed how Romney got the most positive responses from his statements.
    I really don't know how much stock I put into the source but on the Huckabee website a blogger stated that the reason Fox was starting to love Mitt had to do with investment money. Sorry, I am woefully uneducated on the matter but it is interesting that the network really paid him no mind then all the sudden became a big fan.

  2. I'm voting Libertarian so I don't have a dog in this fight, but your anti-Romney/Mormon bias is distorting your perspective. Romney is now the leader in total GOP delegates having finished second in IA and NH and first in WY.

    Yes, it's early to crown him the nominee, but it's also too early to count him out.

  3. Sorry anonymous, but I must disagree. I have never discounted Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. He has changed his mind on far too many important issues in this country for me to believe him or to consider him a credible candidate. This is what voters are beginning to see--his inability to hold a firm position on the issues that strike them deeply: abortion, stem cell research, gay rights. And when I hear Romney say that the health care system can right itself if "market forces" are left to do their work (as he did in a New Hampshire debate last week), I'm even more convinced he is wrong for this country. People are starting to see these deficits in his character, and the majority of them couldn't care less about his religion. (Holly Mullen)


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