Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Gone Crawlin'

[Media] As if 20 (!) separate blogs weren't enough, your local Colorado-based daily newspaper has gone and added another. Damn--we have a hard enough time keeping up on one.

Apparently, this is the new "superblog" alluded to previously here on Salt Blog; one that's posted to several times throughout the day--which wasn't even that novel of an idea when we stole it from Seattle's Stranger a year ago, but whatever.

The difference here is that it's one guy all the time instead of several voices ... so it's really just like all the paper's other blogs. So ... super!

And if you're celebrating all things online and "cyber," why the newsprint and ripped-paper graphics? And what's with the hands? Have they run out of "casual columnist" poses already? Look at your watch, prop a foot up on a chair, toss a Frisbee, point playfully off-camera, anything! My guess is that he's just not wearing pants. (Bill Frost)


  1. Beside the fact that he seems to be calling my pinche pendejo ass out to fight, I like the site design. Sadly, I won't be reading this blog because sites that give you just a teaser of the post in an RSS reader piss me off just enough that I don't waste my time on them if I have to go to the site just to read the whole goddamn thing. Life's too short to care about corporate blogs, let alone corporate blogs with this problem.

  2. I have given up on the Trib. After Colorado bought the local rag there still seemed to be a progressive bent to the paper- but that slowly disappeared. I am amazed that Singleton loves narrow-minded hate more than money but I guess the facts speak for themselves. He would rather kiss conservative ass than speak to open minded people that can handle ambiguity. CITY WEEKLY IS THE ONLY VOICE OF TRUTH LEFT IN UTAH. Please...PLEASE never give up the fight and stay true. Thank you for keeping all open minded people from going insane in this great state.

  3. The difference between Salt Blog and Warchol's new effort is writing intelligent, punchy and entertaining copy.
    He's doing it.
    You guys? You're still stuck in your little journalistic exile community, looking down your elitist probosci and chuckling dutifully at the bitter sarcasm of a fired Trib columnist-turned-weakly-editor.
    Enjoy your self-delusion.

  4. It's impressive the Tribune has stepped up and given a guy like Warchol free reign of a blog. Thus far, I haven't seen anything to complain about. Here's what we've got: a healthy dose of intriguing posts, ironic twists, and according to Holly Mullen's recent post on Warchol, a good deal of worldly experience. I defy even the Salt Lake Weekly to produce a more intelligent blogger, editor, or columnist.

    As for the last resort jab at the blog's ripped-paper design, consider that your paper and website layouts might be called regurgitated replicas of the LA Weekly and other like-minded institutions. Fortunately, Warchol has avoided critiquing the SL Weekly.

  5. Right, Anne.
    That's because Warchol has class, and under his acerbic demeanor, a soft heart and not a little integrity.
    Compare that with the shrewish delusions of his ex.

  6. anyone who's worked with warchol knows that this is the perfect job for him 'cause he'll never have to get off his lazy ass to do any "reporting" -- and btw, all the raggs in this town are softer than hell, the weakly oviously included

  7. @ pr0le - The feed for this blog does seem to be the full content. I can see why they'd do it, to drive traffic to the page and the advertisements, and can't blame 'em. Maybe this is a new trend, like the redesign? I noticed the Sundance blog looks similar.

  8. Yeah, I understand the reason for it, I just don't have the patience for it. With what people are saying about the content of Warchol's blog, I just might have to subscribe anyway.

    Ok, just subscribed, and I do indeed get all the content now. And as long as he has compelling content and the ability to comment, I WILL visit the site so I can comment. Can't say I'll click the ads, but I don't really do that on any site.

    What's with all the hate for SLWeekly?

  9. What's with all the hate? I think it's amusing, and actually kind of healthy. In spite of the contempt that Mr. or Ms. "Anonymous" harbors for me in repeated posts on this site, the truth is this jabbing among media is in good professional fun. I think we can all stand the heat, so we'll all stay in the kitchen a while longer...

    The Crawler blog is, at last, the best fit for Glen Warchol. I'm glad someone finally saw his potential at the Trib. I was married to the man for 14 years, and while things disintegrated personally, I've never had higher regard for a fellow newsman or woman. We began as friends in this business nearly three decades ago, and I can speak for both of us when I say we remain friends.

    Warchol is smart, quick, well-read and has been schooled in solid, shoe-leather reporting. He can report and write rings around most reporters in town.

    I think the crawler is a fine blog, sharp and current. I wish Warchol the best. (Holly Mullen)

  10. Are you kidding? Dude, warchol's one of the laziest people in that newsroom, and there are a LOT of lazy moefoes over dere ... write rings around the reporters in this town? first off -- hooray, like there are any decent hacks around, and second -- what the hell are you smoking to be so easily impressed, oh yeah, nuttin'


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