Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ron Paul Would Like to Add You as a Friend

[Politics] The Iowa caucus finally winds up tonight after a seeming eternity--even compared to a writer-less Jay Leno monologue. Despite all the hype, the winners will be chosen by a relatively small number of frozen politicos, but a larger mass has already spoken, and they never even left the house.

In the first-ever MySpace Primary, 150,000 people who probably should have been working clicked on Democrat Barack Obama (46.27 percent) and Republican ... Ron Paul (36.54 percent). Trailing Obama were Hillary Clinton (31.13) and John Edwards (8.24); behind Paul were Rudy Giuliani (17.68) and Mike Huckabee (16.21). No sign of Mitt Romney, and half of his 32,000-plus Friends are relatives!

Of course, MySpace is sooo last year; now it's all about Facebook. Obama also rules Facebook by double, but this roundup of the others' lesser pages is too funny. Fred Thompson starred in all of his own favorite movies--who would have guessed? (Bill Frost)

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  1. That would be my dream election--Paul against Obama. Paul would be one of the best presidents we ever had, and Obama I could live with, because he's straight up honest (unlike the two bozos we've had recently in that office). Most of the rest of the candidates are beholden to something too icky to think about.

    Ron Paul likely will not garner 36% of the votes in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, but I'll wager he'll garner a lot more than the polls and the media project.


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