Monday, June 2, 2008

Think Of The Children

Last night, my friend Greg introduced me to a near-mythic, horribly misguided educational video. Shot in various locales around NYC circa 1989, Creating Rem Lazar is designed to teach children about ... well, I'm actually not sure what it's trying to say. Something about friendship and authority and fucked up dreams. It's pretty far out and completely innapropriate in a creepy Uncle Ernie kind of way. Basic plot: Two kids/daydreamers do some voodoo on a mannequin, bring to life their shared superhero Rem Lazar, go on a trip to the city to battle the evil Vorak (awesome late 80s computer graphic employed) where they search for Rem's Quixotic Medallion in the highest places (eerie shot of the World Trade Centers makes me think the filmmaker were not only hiiiigh but also prohetic? Think on it). The film blew my mind. Now I'm wondering if anyone saw Rem Lazar in elementary school? I can only imagine the effect something like this might have on the young psyche. Anyone?

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. So… did you learn anything from this experience, Jamie?

  2. I did. Stay away from caped men, unless you're on acid

  3. The IMDB says if you enjoyed Creating Rem Lezar, its database recommends Bridge to Terabithia, Under Seige, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban.

    Obviously, Rem Lezar is in a genre all its own. (Brandon Burt)

  4. That's a good lesson to know. And knowing, is half the battle. (Raise arm in air and look at camera. Wait for chorus of men.)

  5. Ever see "Meet the Feebles"? If not, that's the next one in this vein to add to your queue. I'll leave it at that. It'll change your life.

    The film's tagline: "Hell hath no fury like a hippo with a machine gun."

  6. I just saw Rem Lazar on Sex in the City. It all makes sense now...


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