Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Michelle Obama's Baubles

[Political Accessories] OK. Barack Obama has a lock on the Demo presidential nomination. It's done.

Now it's time to ask the important question. Why does Michelle Obama wear that big, baubled necklace wherever she goes? She's bright and beautiful. She's a stylesetter. But those beads look like something Barack won for her after knocking over the milk bottles at a booth on the midway. (Thanks to Brandon Burt for the perfect simile.)

Yeah, it's fashion. Madonna wears them, too. At least she was wearing them--four years ago. Maybe in Michelle's case, they are a good luck charm.

I just thought I'd be the first one in Utah to ask. Now that she's on the short list for First Lady, it's the kind of scrutiny we expect of such F.L. hopefuls in America. (Holly Mullen)


  1. I think I know who first wore that nekclace, and it's Wilma Flinstone.

  2. She probably wears the neckless to evoke feelings or comparisons to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

    see pic http://www.melissathornton.com/AlphaFem/AFexamples/jbk-time-cover.jpg

  3. Too PC, Holly, to say what you really mean?
    You're pissed that Hils didn't win . . . but you can't risk saying so, since that would be perceived as racist.
    Hopefully, Obama will have the guts to NOT have Hils as his running mate. If he does, he may have to wear chain mail in the White House . . . on his back.

  4. Ah predictable.

    To bad you're shining star turned out to be nothing more than another slimy politician willing to do whatever, whenever. It's also to bad that she's hurt any woman's chances of winning a Presidintial election, ever. Her inability to accept defeat is making woman look bitter. Good job Hil!

  5. Holly,

    The necklace is from Mikimoto (Akoya set) and very elegant.

    Are we pissed that Billary lost ? Maybe the feeling is subliminal/Freudian but welcome to the club here in NorCal. Older women who style themselves liberal and feminist are just enraged.

    Ah well,maybe Hillary will jettison Bill and take up with her lesbian lover in Pacific Heights. True love!

  6. Ah, dontcha all just wish you were right!

    I'm totally on board with Obama. I've known it for a long time. I wanted Hillary Clinton as my president, but she lost. She knows it, too. (Read all about it today on slweekly.com--this week's paper should be on line any time now)

    Anyway, I don't hold grudges and I'm a political pragmatist. I like Obama very much; respect him, too. The first black presidential candidate, full of energy, the ability to excite young voters and to stir this country from eight years of duldrums--it's powerful and awesome.

    So there you be, gents. Group hug, now. Go Obama!

    And I still don't like the necklace--"elegant" or not!

  7. Holly, I'm more interested in a possible "whitey" tape of Michelle than her necklace. Any word from the Democratic underground on whether this tape exists? If it does, Hillary could still pull this thing out...

  8. Oh my heck, if you find the person who has the answer to baubles paradox, ask them why John McWalnuts won't have his teeth whitened……


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