Thursday, June 5, 2008

Paddle Festival This Weekend

[Weekend Rec] Here's the thing about summer in Utah: Every weekend is packed with good stuff to do--community festivals, get-involved sort of stuff. It gets crazy trying to fit everything in.

Take this weekend, for instance. There's the annual Utah Pride Festival, which offers music, marches, food and a Sunday parade.

Here's another plug for a good time: The Utah Rivers Council 11th annual Paddle Festival takes place all day Saturday and Sunday at Little Dell Reservoir, between Parley's and Emigration canyons. It's $10 and the admission price is good for the whole weekend.

Volunteers will be on hand to lead you through basic kayaking, canoeing and sailing.* There will be fly fishing demos, food and drink and activities for the little ones. All proceeds got to the Utah Rivers Council, a non-profit advocacy group working to preserve, protect and conserve Utah's water sources. Right now, the URC is working hard to get environmentally protected status for the Green and other scenic rivers in Utah. Volunteers also hold regular classes on how to "rip your [parking] strip" and fill it with water-wise plants.**

So whether you go gay or go green, (or both--it's two whole days, people) just go!

*Photo is courtesy of the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (Little Dell is Salt Lake City watershed. If you come, leave the dogs at home).

**Obligatory disclosure: Ted Wilson, is executive director of the URC and my husband.

(Holly Mullen)

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