Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We're Not THAT Plyg Group!

[Polygamy Press] Just made a trip to the fax machine. Question: When did polygamists become such media whores?

The Apostolic United Brethren just issued a PRESS RELEASE (their emphasis) REGARDING POLYGAMY (their emphasis).

The sect, based in Riverton, wishes to clarify for anyone who might confuse them with the FLDS sect of recent child custody battle fame in Texas. "Because of this confusion, and because many "tar us with the same brush," so to speak, we have decided to provide a press release that is available for immediate publication."

The press release goes on:

The AUB would like you all to know that they are a "Christian-based, Mormon religious group" (me: uh, I think the folks at 50 North Temple might have a quibble with that) and that "plural celestial marriage," or as others call it "polygamy"--is one of our basic tenets. We also hold dear many other beliefs that have the bible and Jesus Christ at the core, and consider ourselves to be Bible-believing Christians.

In other words, this world is big enough for more than one crazed, Mormon off-shoot, polygamy group. It's a diverse world out there, folks. Any questions?

Also, they are not THAT plyg group (above) either! (Holly Mullen)

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