Friday, June 20, 2008

It's the Piano, Man

[Film] It's not often outside of Sundance time that Salt Lake City audiences get a chance to see the star of a movie they've just watched. So should we sniff at the opportunity if the star in question just happens to be an inanimate object?

The documentary Note by Note -- following the year-long process of creating a single Steinway & Sons concert grand piano (this one designated L1037) -- opens today at the Broadway Centre Cinemas. And once viewers have had a chance to watch the artisans put the instrument together, they'll get to see and hear the fruits of their labors, as Daynes Music sponsors special performance/Q&A sessions featuring the one and only L1037 piano itself. Utah Symphony principal keyboardist Jason Hardink and Gina Bachauer competitor Song Choi will be featured at the 7 p.m. performances of Note by Note tonight (June 20) and tomorrow (June 21). Sorry, but the L1037 doesn't do autographs. (Scott Renshaw)

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  1. Point of clarification... The stars of the movies at Sundance ARE inanimate objects as well.


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