Monday, June 16, 2008

The Tim Russert Conspiracy

[News-ish] Former Utah radio personality Clyde Lewis, who now hosts an Internet version of his Ground Zero show from Portland, Ore., has a Tim Russert death conspiracy theory--actually several, as he always did back in the day.

First, Russert died on Friday the 13th at the age of 58. The numbers 5 and 8 add up to 13. Resident City Weekly numerologist Jerre Wroble has confirmed the math.

Second, the Skull & Bones Society--which has counted previously Russert-grilled guests like George W. Bush and John Kerry as members--is into numerology. You ask 'em about the number 322 and see how long you're still sucking oxygen.

Third, Russert brought up the existence of UFOs during the 2007-08 Democratic debates. Everbody had, like, forgotten about UFOs until he did this.

Fourth, Russert met with Pope Benedict XVI days before he died. Oh, he's in on it ... (Bill Frost)


  1. Oh what a web he weaves. I think Clyde is winking and nudgeing his way through the entire blog. I remember something he wrote a while back with links. After 6 hours I realized that I got deeper and deeper into it. My Boss didn't appreciate it though.

  2. Bush attends wake, yes something fishy here!

  3. How quickly we have forgotten how he may have actually helped Obama win the election by asking Hillary the toughest but importnant questions of all the debates.


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