Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Word is Getting Out

[Hit and Run Part II] A couple of hours after I posted this entry yesterday on Salt Blog for City Weekly, I e-mailed several news outlets in town telling them about bicyclist Edith (Dede) Welker and the bastard who plowed into her with his/her van Sunday night, then took off.

KSL radio has been running a shorter version of our blog post on its news breaks all morning.

Typically, my news hound instincts would keep me from sharing any of our stories with the competition. But we need to find this hit and run criminal while the trail is still warm. Remember: white van with a red stripe, and probably some damage to the right front end. Call Salt Lake City Police at (801)799-3000 with any information. (Holly Mullen)

Update: Fox 13 has interviewed Dede and her family today, as well.

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