Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shake Those Ta-Ta-Talents

[Locals on the TV Box] We hear tonight's 8 p.m. season premiere of NBC's America's Got Talent (which more often then not actually proves the opposite) will feature an appearance by Salt Lake City's own Slippery Kittens Burlesque--not that you'd read it in the "more local-er than you" daily.

How far the ladies--who will be hosting a viewing party tonight at Bar Deluxe at 666 S. State--will or won't advance on the freak, er, talent show remains mystery, as does the fate of SLC comic Marcus on NBC's Last Comic Standing. Even more cloudy, will affiliate KSL 5 even acknowledge the progress of the locals on these reality shows (almost mandatory anymore--just ask American Idol 'hos Fox 13)? Or will the tats and tits prove too much for Eyewitness News to bear?

More importantly, how did David Hasslehoff vote? Tune in tonight, or go to Bar Deluxe for the full 3-D (if not double-D) experience. (Bill Frost)


  1. I came upon this show last night. I've neither seen it nor heard of it before.

    At the moment I tuned in, they were touting the youngest participant ever - a four year old girl, who was to sing.

    She spoke with a cute little girl voice, still substituting "W" for "R" in her sentences. And that's exactly how she sang.

    I made it about a quarter of the way through the song, at which point I noticed that my fingers were gripping the couch so tightly my knuckles were white.

    Four minutes of this show made me ill, cute little girl (puke!) or not.

    I cannot fathom that people actually sit through this stuff, let alone enjoy it.

  2. To bad the slippery kittens are all middle aged, stretch mark riddled bad dancers. They might win otherwise.

  3. And I thought I was rude.

  4. No kidding, anonymous 12:52--you are some kind of asshole. I'm betting you're male and certainly have the body of Adonis, right? When you catch your jiggling beer gut in the mirror, which handsome heartthrob do you see exactly? Brad Pitt? Shia LeBouef? Just wondering...

  5. Hey weekly reader, the difference is I don't parade my body around thinking it's anything other than what it is. If you want to dance like that great, but be prepared the criticism that follows for example.

    1. they're hardly sexy unless you like breast implants

    2. they're really not that good of dancers.

  6. Poor anonymous.

    This anonymous person thinks you have to be perfect in every way in order to have a little fun while entertaining people at the same time.

    I'll bet this person has very little fun for the fact that they're always worrying what other moron's think about them.

  7. At least The VooDoo Darlings Burlesque Troupe have their own Routines and A Band To Boot
    Go VooDoo Darlings Burlesque

  8. Please don't make my comments out to be something based on mine or societies perception of "perfection".

    My point is - if you can't sing, don't audition for American Idol then get upset that Simon said you were awful. These women are baring all for the sake of entertainment (which is fine by me) which leaves said "entertainment" open for criticism just like any other form of "entertainment". PLUS - if they were REALLY trying to buck society's perception of women then they'd lay off the silicone don't ya think? Hypocrite much?

  9. I Am a Slippery Kitten, and just for the record "ANONYMOUS"...WE DO CREATE OUR OWN ROUTINES! YES WE MAY HAVE TAKEN AN IDEA SUCH AS THE CAN CAN, BUT WE CHOREOGRAPHED IT IN OUR OWN STYLISTIC WAY. And as far as bands go we always have bands........obviously you haven't been to one of our shows! As far as being riddled with "body imperfections", .........I beg to differ! I get paid very well to be photographed and with no photoshop........NO STREATCHMATRKS ON ME, and I have a child! LOOK CLOSLEY< OR DO YOU NEED GLASSES? This is obviously a jealous person......


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