Monday, June 9, 2008

Roller Derby Report: Angel City Shakes Salt City

[Alt-Sports] Saturday June 7, Utah Olympic Oval: Los Angeles' Angel City Derby Girls came, painted on gold hot pants and showed the Salt City Derby Girls how a more-experienced league does it--and the SCDG gave it right back, battling their way up to a respectable 92 points to ACDG's 130.

Immediately nicknamed the "California Cameltoes" by some smart-ass in the announcers booth (OK, it was me), Angel City's all-star Hollywood Scarlets commanded the rink in the first period, led by crowd (OK, announcer) favorite Estro Jen #RU 486. Salt City's all-star Shakers narrowed the gap in the second, and coach El Brujo went all NBA in a chair-flinging display of mild disapproval for a ref's call. Other than that, the two-hour bout was mostly drama-free--meaning, they didn't run out of beer this time.

A sampling of Saturday night's action shots by Wild Bill Hill:

(Bill Frost)


  1. What a show the girls put on and I'm gonna put in for towel boy/locker room attendant
    Thanks for the pic kudos and it is a pleasure to serve my community
    Go Camel Toe's from LA

  2. Wow, that was something!! These two teams were wicked fun to watch and Angel City really brought some sparkle with them to Salt Lake.

  3. uh huh thats right....

    LA ain't afraid!

  4. hey, that's my sister in the last picture.... go toole of terror!


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