Monday, June 16, 2008

Sock Monkey Obama 86'd

[Spank the Monkey] Last week, City Weekly's own Brandon Burt got way out in front of the rest of the Salt Lake media on the saga of the The Sock Obama. Brandon got the first word about the racist variation on the classic old sock monkey doll from the Daily Kos, but Kos didn't handle it with the deft touch that BB did.

Well, the West Jordan Lawsons--creators of the monkey--have now announced the creepy little doll is no longer available. They still won't cop to charges of racism, though. Instead, the couple has offered the typical passive-aggressive "apology" we all know so well in Utah. You know--they're sorry not for what they did, but for the way what they did made you feel. (Holly Mullen)


  1. Way to go, Brandon.

    Being as I have their address, I still plan to send them a version of my Potato-Head Monson doll. I think they'll like it. All you need is a big, lumpy russett potato (which, oddly enough, looks exactly like Monson's head) and the eyes I've created to fit his various moods as prophet, revelator and seer.

  2. So, you are ripping the Trib, Dnews, TV, etc., for not being the "first" to rip off KOS?
    Redoing a website story as your own is now a "scoop?"

  3. Oh anonymous, do lighten up. Go read all the blogs about the ill-fated (thankfully) Obama sock monkey. Brandon's post was the most insightful of them all, funny while still making a sharp, satirical point.

    That's all I meant. Relax your sphincter, would ya?

  4. so where is your story today about these idiots deciding, after apologizing, to sell the obama monkey doll anyway?
    are you going to credit the deseret news for beating you this time?


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