Monday, June 2, 2008

Mr. Martosko, Mashed Vegetable Brain

[Food Fight] Where do people who work for creepy lobby groups with oblique names get off on ripping into people who eat a vegan diet?

Mr. "Research Director" of the Center for Consumer Freedom is merely a paid hack for the restaurant industry. This front group doesn't like people who criticize the payday lending business, either.

Anyway, spend five minutes around the offices of City Weekly, and you'll find a handful of cute and peppy vegans, who live well, eat well and have a much more interesting diet than tofu blocks and tempeh drumsticks. They put the lie to the bland diet spin Mr. Research Director gets paid handsomely to spread around. Check out CW assistant art director Emily Prachthauser's blog, Happy Vegetable, for tips and tasty recipes from a very contented vegan.

BTW, that's a photo of a vegan birthday cake, above. Looks pretty dull, huh?

(Holly Mullen)


  1. Holly's right. Vegan food can definitely be very exciting and delicious. The problem is it's not as common as the Standard American Diet, so sometimes you have to do a little more exploring to find the wide array of vegan goodies available. But I assure you they're around and they're excellent:)

  2. Wonderful blog post! Martosko calls a vegan diet "extreme." But what's extreme is the suffering that animals must endure so people can eat their flesh. After going veg, I discovered foods and tastes I didn't know existed. It's so sad that Martosko ridicules compassionate people and perpetuates the status quo of ignorance.

  3. at first glance, i thought the cake said "happy Birthday Barboro" as in the deceased horse......


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