Monday, June 23, 2008

Edd Kalehoff: Super Stud of the Moog

[Music] The 1970s were a golden era for TV game-show theme music, and Edd Kalehoff is one of the greats. His composition credits include The Price Is Right theme--which has probably been subject to more techno remixes than Tito Puente--and many of its most catchy cues and showcase themes.

Turns out Kalehoff was no corporate drone or pocket-protector propellerhead. He had a hot 'stache, an even hotter unbuttoned polyester shirt, and ... well, frankly, I want to be Edd Kalehoff.

Unfortunately, respect for synth keyboardists seems to have peaked right before they stopped using oscilloscopes. So, even if you're a pro using your arpeggiator and you program all your own patches, maybe it's time to invest in an oscilloscope, baby--show those hot-stuff guitarists what some barely-portable equipment can do!

(Brandon Burt)

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  1. Dammit, Brandon!

    Why'd you have to go and post a commercial-thing for cold, refreshing beer? I don't care if it is 30 years old.

    Starting today, for the hell of it, I'm foregoing the delicious beverage for three nights and I think the last thing I needed was video footage of some dude singing about drinking more than one while pouring one in a friggin' mug.

    What are you, some kind of cruel, unknowing enabler?

    Oh yeah, buddy. I'll be thinking of you tonight as I sit on my front porch enjoying not beer, as per usual, but lemonade. Thanks a lot.

    Come on Thursday!


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