Friday, June 6, 2008

The Weekly Poll: Saved Beyond the Grave

[Weekly Poll] In last week's Poll, Squatters' beer triumphed over Uinta and Wasatch in the favorite local brew voting. If Squatters wants to drop off a growler of hefeweizen at the CW office, we won't object (the bosses are out of town, so we can start drinking whenever we want).

The June 5-11 poll: This week, John Saltas' Private Eye column hit upon the topic (among others, as usual) of LDS baptism for the dead. Would you like the LDS Church to give you or your loved ones a proxy baptism after you/they have assumed room temperature? Click here and choose between:
  • Yes, I want all of my afterlife bases covered.

  • No, set me adrift in purgatory. Or Provo.

  • Maybe, do I get a free T-shirt? That's a dealbreaker.

  • Sorry, I am immortal ... and there can be only one!

(Bill Frost)


  1. No worries, through family connections I`m guarantied a first class seat on the 747-400 to the Celestial Kingdom. Need to sneak some Grey Goose minis and Cohibas on board (don`t know where I can smoke the cigars...but).

    Do hope there is decent tonic water...Stirrings is so much better than Schweppes.

    Don`t expect much from the inflight entertainment..maybe reruns of BYU football.

    Only downside is my incumbent wife will stay behind in the airport bar

  2. Guess I'm the only Mormon reading here, cuz there's no answer that appliies to me. I guess I'll take the "Highlander" option.


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