Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Take South Salt Lake Taverns Off the Endangered Species List

[Bars] This Wednesday night the South Salt Lake City council will apparently be looking into dropping the cap for tavern licenses even further from the existing 15.

What I don't understand is, why they are not proud of the distinctive mecca of dive bars that their neck of the woods is famous for?

It seems to me discriminatory, not for drinkers in general, but for dive bar aficionados. Why are city councils playing favorites to skankzoo party clubs. Believe me, these establishments are the ones you're gonna want to worry about, not taverns.

I remember the first time I stopped by Henry's Inn on 2645 S. State, it was after a class and they advertised free pool on Tuesday nights. I stopped in and was a bit hungry as well and the barkeep had a sign advertising $1 bratwurst sandwiches.

Daring as I am, I took him up on the offer and he reached into a little vat of dogs in the back, shook the juice off of it and dropped it on a plate on top of a single piece of white bread. "Want any mustard?" He asked.

I did, and to be honest it was the best $1 bratwurst sandwich I've ever had. As surely the flavor was enhanced not just by the bargain price but also by the great character exuding from the cozily dank neon-lit cave of a drinking establishment.

You can't buy that kind of character when it comes to a watering hole, and you sure as shit shouldn't be trying to legislate em' out of existence either. But seriously, taverns are not what you should be worrying about if you are gonna discriminate, please really watch the mess that comes spilling out of some of these dance clubs at 1 in the morning. After bartending at one such establishment for over a year let me assure you these are the kinds of places you need to worry about. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. Love this post. And I'm hungry. I want that bratwurst!

  2. There's really no need for legislation here--just let the smoking ban kick into effect and half these places will shut down within the year. Enjoy them while you can.


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