Monday, January 7, 2008

Best Part of Becker Inauguration

[Inauguration Day] A few hours ago, I attended the inauguration ceremonies for Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and City Council members Luke Garrott, J.T. Martin and Van Turner.

The highlight of the event: An original poem, written to honor Becker, by Utah's Poet Laureate Katharine Coles.


Who knew where we would end?
We took the plains in passing,
Following our hunger
Through a harrowed land.

In this, we are alike—
All of us arriving
Together, each alone,
The prairies passing us through

Until we came so far.
The valley, laid out, open,
Will turn to spring, then summer,
Green and gold at our feet

And we’ll be sailing the mountains
Riding the rim of sky,
Full of ourselves, and dizzy,
Almost into heaven.

Now, at our daily work,
Hands on the wheel or keyboard
We lift our eyes to the hills
That delivered us, and sing. --
Katharine Coles

(Holly Mullen)

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  1. Yes, sing of that delivery,
    from that angered mass of stone,
    For now the people lifted up
    shall know of warm embrace.


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