Tuesday, December 30, 2008

(Not) According to Jim--D.C. Version

[Political pouter] Well, Utah's predictable right wing posters may object to City Weekly calling out Rep. Jim Matheson, (D-kind of, Utah) for refusing to talk to our reporters for more than three years. But someone in Washington D.C.--the other place where Matheson hangs out--noticed and let people know about it.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. He also refuses to speak to the National Enquirer.

  2. They "noticed" your pout about Matheson when you brought it to their attention. It's called tooting your own horn. But do they really know what kind of "newspaper" the congressman is shunning?

  3. Matheson has a constituency of exactly one: himself. He's blown around by whatever political wind will keep him in office. I would never vote for a rethuglical-I spit when I have to say the word--but I long ago stopped voting for Smilin' Jim. I always vote for the socialist/green/ufo/whatever candidate instead. I sincerely hope that the new congressional Dems will show some spine (ha ha!) and Matheson will realize that his weaseling and rethug-butt-kissing ways are a thing of the past. So Holly, how about convincing Jenny Wilson to run against him in 2010?

  4. Jenny Wilson is Utah's Sarah Palin / Carolyne Kennedy. She's probably a good public servant, but she is one of the poorest elected public speakers I've heard.

  5. Hey, Key. Just one question for you... Why does a local politician need to "shun" any media source in this state? It's not like they're the New York Post and are out for blood at all costs, all they want is a chat. Which makes me questions what kind of man we elected into office. And what kind of person runs around using the phrase "tooting your own horn"? Honestly.

  6. I'm more bothered that Holly thinks that those who question her conclusions, opinions, etc., are "typical right wing posters." What's up with that kind of Rush Limbaugh black-and-white mentality, Holly?

  7. Wow! Jenny seems to have her duckies in a row. I'll vote for an excellent public servant over a polished speaker.

    I can't see any association between Jenny Wilson and Sarah Palin.

    I see a blog moving away from the topic that Jim Matheson has ignored the independent voice of Utah and Washington has noticed.....

  8. Jim Matheson is not ignoring any Utah voice, independent or otherwise, and the only reason "Washington has noticed" is because Holly Mullen brought it to Politico's attention -- then placed her own notice of Politico's coverage on this blog.

    She's playing the Wizard of Oz, pressing all the right buttons behind the curtain while pretending she's as surprised as everyone else.

  9. I could not access this article from your link. I was channeled to the article at Politicos web site and nothing from there.

    I found it on google, went right in.

    In the blog field, were comments to dis-credit the SLWeekly and Holly Mullen.

    I read a statement: Holly Mullen was escorted to the door when she quit her job at the Salt Lake Tribune.....

    I would like to point out this is a common non selective industry standard procedure for many reasons. Companies who deal with securities, cash or private information will walk anyone to the door, watch you scan your ID badge for verify you left,and take your badge. This protects the employee leaving the company, and the public.

    It's embarrassing to see the ignorance exposed to Washington, a place that understands the importance of this company procedure.

    I would like to thank the City Weekly Staff for their dedication to Independent and Alternative news.

    Happy New Year!

  10. I went back onto Politicos blog, some comments has been deleted. Huh??? ;-)

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