Friday, December 5, 2008

Dan Savage on KRCL Tonight

[More Prop 8] Tonight from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., KRCL-90.9's Troy Williams will host a conversation with Dan Savage*, editor of Seattle alternative newspaper The Stranger and a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist, on the station's public affairs program RadioActive.

Readers of City Weekly and Salt Blog might recognize the name. Savage was one of the first gay activists in the country to urge a total boycott of Utah (yeah, that's right. The whole state) the day after Californians passed Proposition 8 which bans same-sex marriage in their state. As is well-known by now, with the steady urging of the LDS hierarchy, members of the Mormon Church donated about $22 million to help pass the measure. Many of the biggest spenders live right here in Utah.

CW president John Saltas, who goes back years with Savage in the tight-knit community of altie papers, chose to drop Savage's sex column, which we had been running online. Saltas has explained his stand on the blanket boycott that Savage and others have been pushing, here and here.

I ran into Williams on a Main Street sidewalk earlier today. He promises the show will be lively. Williams, who is gay, told me he doesn't like the notion of a Utah boycott, nor does he support Saltas in his choice to drop Savage. "I want to heal the community," he told me, waving his arms in that big, expansive way of making a happy globe. Tune in, or better yet, call the show and be heard.

*That's Savage in the pix, though god knows how old that shot is. (Holly Mullen)


  1. BOYCOTT UTAH8.....cry me a great salt lake

    BRAVO Dan

  2. I thought City Weekly dropped his column *months* ago. I remember seeing somebody complaining that he was dropped solely for the recent 'dramas' and they used that as evidence to argue that City Weekly was being petty.

    Except, the column was dropped from print ages ago...

    I'm confused now.


  4. If Savage would spend more time sucking dick and less time talking, he might be worth something.


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