Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dead Zephyr: Week 264

(Bill Frost)


  1. Are we going to have a Dead Port'o'Call running count?

    I think we should run them both alongside each other. And all of the other businesses on that block, until the city finally gets off their butts and develops the property that they purchased.

  2. I donno; but I for one enjoyed the Zephyr much more than Port o'Call. Except for their beautiful building, I won't miss their business much. No, the Zephyr-on the other hand-that place was the bomb.

  3. I would prefer that they not tear down either building. Though I note they had not asked my opinion when making these decisions. Especially seeing what is to go up in place of the old Shoebrick bldg. I'm tired of seeing old buildings being knocked down for parking lots, or glass/steel/plywood buildings that look like they were designed by kindergarteners and slapped up in a week using near-slave labor.
    Besides, the entire block to the south is completely empty. Wouldn't it be easier/cheaper to build there?

  4. Has City Weekly done a story yet on what is happening on that block?

    The bits and pieces I know are only what I gathered from club owners and bar employees in that area.

    Sakal, I completely agree with you about the empty spaces all around that block.


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