Thursday, December 18, 2008

Artist To Watch: Dalek

All this talk about best albums and songs has got me thinking about the multitude of largely unrecognized talent out there. On that note, we're going to start tipping you off to some of our favorite discoveries, even if they're just new to us.

I (sort of) saw Dalek at SXSW last year. A friend told me to check them out and I walked in as they were wrapping up their last song. That two-minute taste was enough, though. Now I'm hooked. The hip-hop crew has this ominous vibe similar to Cannibal Ox. The creepy factor is typical of an Ipecac Recordings artist, and I dig it. Dalek will release Gutter Tactics on January 27. The follow-up to Abandoned Language is currently on repeat on my iPod.

Here's a sample of what to expect. Please to enjoy "Paragraphs Relentless" off Abandoned Language.

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. Dalek.....good shit, really good, but I wouldn't compare them to Cannibal Ox - two different sounds and Dalek's lyrics easily surpass Ox's.

  2. True. I just get the same sort of chills listening to both artists. They are completely unique, though.

  3. I hear you. Hope some of your readers are able to digest this stuff - it's not exactly top 40's. Not that your readers are Top 40's, but......


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