Sunday, December 14, 2008

Woohoo! I've Earned a Cyberstalker!

[Blogs] My criticisms of California's Proposition 8 and, more recently, Brigham Young University's academic policies seem to have generated some displeasure from one or more readers. Still, reading my blog posts is a voluntary act. It requires an investment of time, that scarcest of commodities. That's why it's so gratifying to have cyberstalkers!

They like me, they really like me! Well, OK, they don't like
me at all--but at least they're devoted enough to follow me around to various other blogs on which I occasionally comment.

One or two called me out after I posted this comment on SLOG. I'm waiting for them to start jumping all over my posts on sites where I help math students with their homework. ("Grr!" they might say: "The derivative of x cos(x) is cos(x) + x sin(x), NOT cos(x) - x sin(x)!!! You jerk!!!" And, of course, they'd be just as wrong as ever.)

(Brandon Burt)


  1. Wow, Brandon you have arrived! I think Holly has too! Let's not forget John and Frosty and Eric. Since I had this deal where funky letters were sent to the CEO of my company back east...... I suppose I get a little bratty here and there.

    If they don't want the topic discussed, or it makes ears burn, maybe they are trying to control the outcome... Why not question the journalists ability...?

    Funny thing, reading articles on the arrest of Mr Madoff.... I had to wonder what's next? Today, they are breaking it to us gently I suppose. I liked the header to this article: Our Ponzi Nation...... I'm sure somebody wants that paper and reporter.... history! So? isn't there others that don't?

    As the struggle for proposition 8 intensifies, I would think SLWeekly would be a logical obstacle for some to disqualify.

    Another attack of Lunatic Fringe.......

  2. Yeah, I've chosen to avoid commenting in any of the articles that Mister Anonymous spends his time in.

    Maybe we should have a charity function and spend the proceeds of user contributions towards providing Anonymous an education or even a constructive hobby like stamp collecting or a musical instrument.

  3. gee Brandon,
    readers have been gagging on the crap you puke onto the blogs as long as you've been at it.
    did you just notice?

  4. Holly,

    Pleeeeeaaase, can you please give Brandon an assignment???!!!

    Thank you... The masses.

  5. Brandon, I've been stalking you for years. Love your writing. Lunch?


  6. Seems to me that you simply enjoy attention regardless of where it comes from. This post, which serves no purpose beyond drawing attention to yourself, is a pretty good example.

  7. Brandon's mommaDecember 15, 2008 at 4:08 PM

    You Jackass!
    Have you been humiliating the family AGAIN?
    It's bad enough here in Salt Lake but do you have to spread your ignorance all over Seattle as well?
    And if you insist on posting why can't you at least use a cute made-up name like the clever gay boys do?
    You always were a narcissistic little prick.

  8. Humiliating "THE FAMILY"?!? Haha. Man your bloggers are getting dumber and dumber by each post. But I still love ya Brandon.


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