Friday, December 12, 2008


[TV] In last night's Christmas-party episode of The Office, Michael makes Meredith a series a brain-erasing drinks, then stages an intervention because she's a flaming (literally) drunk. One of the test questions Michael reads to Meredith from a downloaded pamphlet is, "Have you ever, under the influence of alcohol, questioned the teachings of the Mormon church?" Ah, memories ...

Intervention at about 8:30 mins into the episode:

(Bill Frost)


  1. you can embed Hulu? Go eff yourself Youtube!

  2. Man! These party-planning-committee power struggles are brutal. Still--Andy's not too bad for somebody who's never picked up a sitar.

    The Office is such an intelligently written series that I found it interesting to consider the choice of a sitar for a "Moroccan" party--rather than a more "correct" oud or rebab.

    Was it a gaffe, this apparent confusion between an Indian musical instrument and an Arabic one? I think not! The writers intended it as an intentional goof--as signaled by Michael's clueless comment to Kelly ("So this is what every day would be like if you hadn't left India").

  3. You Mormons, analyzing everything to see if you can add it to your persecution list.

  4. RESPONSE TO ANONYMOUS: You anti-Mormons, having nothing better to do at 6:54 AM than to make smug pontifications. Get a life, and live it without bitterness and vitriol.

  5. I hate the word "vitriol". Pompous assholes that incorrectly use "pontification" use that word - nobody else.

  6. It was funny that Michael wants to stage an intervention when he was the one who got Merideth wasted.


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