Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Art, Well Schooled

[Gift central] For the past week, press releases keep landing in my inbox spouting "last-minute" gift ideas. I am thinking, OMG, we still have two weeks! Veritable buckets of time remaining. In fact, I might just begin to ^wrap^ my head around the idea of Christmas shopping by this weekend. But that's me: I'm usually crashing into my deadlines.

Anyway, for those of you farther along (or perhaps just as stuck), here's an event that's been underway for two days: The University of Utah Department of Art and Art History's annual holiday sale in the Gittins Art Gallery located in the Art and Architecture Building (375 S. 1530 East). The third and final day takes place Thursday, Dec. 11, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Here you'll find some pretty inspired ceramics, prints, paintings and photography—all at reasonable prices. Who knows? The work you buy today might be worth a pretty penny when these humble student artists make it big. Plus, you can feel doubly-good because funds raised by the sale help send students to national art conferences.

For more info, call 581-8677. And in the rare event that anyone reading knows and loves me, always remember that in my view, ceramics are forever. Pots, pots, pots. Interesting bowls and goblets, too. Even urns. In fact, I yearn for urns. (Jerre Wroble)

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