Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lilli of our Valley

[Call for donations] Real-estate broker and community leader Babs De Lay recently sent an e-mail seeking donations for her friend, local psychic Lilli DeCair, whose apartment at Incline Terrace went up in flames due to another tenant's careless smoking. To make matters worse, DeCair's son Shawn lived next door and he also lost everything.

Babs De Lay notes, "Lilli is a local witch, tarot-card reader and all around do-gooder. We’ve been friends for years, and she’s a lovely person. She’s newly married and a breast-cancer survivor. Her mom died last month. She has been working at a minimum-wage job helping immigrant families who have nothing themselves."

DeCair did psychic readings for City Weekly in last year's Year in Preview issue. Many's the evening she's made the scene at Alchemy Coffeehouse to do card readings. DeCair also sends out e-mail blasts each week, letting those on her list know all the little things in life she is grateful for. I have to admit, even with all the e-mail and spam that regularly clog my inbox, I take the time to read her e-mails.

DeCair and her family are living in temporary housing but basically are starting over. Babs De Lay's first call for help yielded beds, chairs, tables and computers. Donations of cash and gift cards would be greatly appreciated by DeCair this holiday season to buy the basics: underwear, shoes and household items.

Send checks or gift cards to:
Lilli DeCair
c/o Babs De Lay
Urban Utah Homes and Estates
380 W. 200 South Unit 101
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

All the best, Lilli. (Jerre Wroble)

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