Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweet Stuff

[Just Desserts] Here's a link to a clip of City Weekly Dining Editor Ted Scheffler's appearance on KSL-TV's Studio 5 discussing "Desserts Worth Going Out For." 


  1. Challenge, can anyone prove this wrong?:–

    1. Constitution Article II requires USA President to be “natural born citizen”.

    2. BHO’s website admits his dad was Kenyan/British, not American, citizen when BHO was born.

    3. BHO is therefore not a “natural born citizen” (irrespective of Hawaiian birth or whether he may be a 14th Amendment “citizen” of USA) — as confirmed in the Senate’s own McCain qualification resolution agreed to by BHO.

    4. Supreme Court has already docketed two upcoming conferences, 1/9/09 and 1/16/09 — between dates Congress counts electoral votes (1/8/09) and Presidential inauguration (1/20/09) — to address Berg Case and fashion relief on BHO’s eligibility to be President.

    5. Since no facts are in dispute, Supreme Court rules on Summary Judgment to enjoin BHO’s inauguration as President.

    6. Therefore, BHO is not inaugurated as President.

    7. Vice President Elect Biden is inaugurated Acting President under the 20th Amendment to serve until new President is determined — the procedure for which determination to be set out by Congress and/or the Supreme Court so long as in conformance with the Constitution.

  2. I was about to say "Go Ted!" but then your contribution in the comments completely sidetracked me and I had to double-check the original article.

    Were we discussing Desserts Worth Going Out For or What Will Happen to the Presidency?

    and now you have me all scared. Way to sensationalize things Ted! ;) Time for me to go do some research.

  3. I (Ted Scheffler) had nothing to do with the comment posted above by "Ted." Looks like this blog was hijacked.

  4. Shoot them both.....we'll never be able to tell who the real one is.


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