Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Do Gays Get a Bailout?

[Politics as Usual] Stephen Wade and John Garff trundled off to Washington D.C. yesterday to lobby hard for the bailout for U.S. automakers.

They need help, these poor guys. They are begging for money to aid their troubled industry. Wade owns a chain of car dealerships in St. George; Garff is a top executive at the Ken Garff chain in Salt Lake City.

Poor Mr. Wade may be cash-strapped right now, but his economic status was no worry in November, when he found an extra $10,000 for the Proposition 8 campaign in California to keep gays and lesbians from marrying. As for Garff, his mother, Katharine, gave $100,000 to Prop 8 in the Golden State. (Holly Mullen)


  1. Nice piece, Holly.
    The journalistic equivalent of sticking
    your tongue out and squealing
    'na na na'?
    Grow up.

  2. Why do people like the above expect every piece of writing to be journalism? Looking at this individual's writing style, I'll assume that it's because they know nothing about writing.

    You grow up, idiot, and realize that most writing is for entertainment purposes. Holly made her point, a good one, and that's that.

  3. no! YOU grow up- IDIOT

  4. This is the problem with the gay rights movement. You constantly demand more and more from people. You think that your unique choice qualifies you for benefits as a group of people. The more you demand the less you're going to get.

  5. As Holly and her family contribute quite regularly to candidates, probably not wise to call others out for the same activity.

  6. Would EVERYBODY please grow up?
    If you are looking for journalism,
    please look elsewhere.
    Ditto for entertainment.

    This is the "Dan Savage, please like us- Look! Salt Lake gays can be hip and cool and cynical like Seattle and San Francisco gays" network.

  7. Anon 2:49, you wouldn't know journalism if it killed your dog. And if you weren't entertained, you wouldn't post here so much.

  8. I'm not anon 2:49, but I understand why he's here, I think. Same reason I am: It's like watching One Tree Hill: The overt, in your face nature of the spectable is such that you can't help but be entertained. That's not an endorsement. ;)

  9. Anon 3:32, you missed the point. Anon 2:49 claimed that there's no entertainment to be had here, so defending his position by stating that he's entertained (for whatever reason) is silly.

    I understand why you're all here. It's no fucking mystery. You have nothing better to do. Period. And until the clock strikes four, the same goes for me.

  10. Deja-uv over and over and over again.......

    Stole this one from Alan Jackson:

    Life's like a river and the waters run deep,
    cross it with care, or you will end up like me.
    Let my mistakes, be your stepping stones,
    Walk on the rock's that I stumbled on.....

    The common feeling seems to be the bail out, is not enough to fix the problem. Imported quality cars, and QUALITY TREATMENT of the public is the ace in the hole....

    Hawk the Mansion, the rest of us had too.

    When you jerks walk a mile in our shoes, you may hesitate to condemn the different lifestyles of others......

    Good Job Holly!

  11. Basically, I'm never going to buy a car in Utah.


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