Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Merry Xmas, Buttars! Love, Keith

[Buttars Watch] Utah Loon of Note Chris Buttars has finally arrived: He's MSNBC's Countdown's Worst Person In the World for a day. Take it away, Keith Olbermann:

(Bill Frost)


  1. Olberman at his best. I love it. But one small quibble: Buttars doesn't want to pass a law; it's a just-as-ridiculousnonbinding resolution he's after.

  2. I love that they found a FLATTERING picture of Buttars.

  3. Utah....pssst another BIGOT is showing, seems your State is just hellbent on wrapping your whole reputation with Book of Mormon thumpers. Which is why LGBTs and our straight but not narrow friends ain't spending a dime with ya.

  4. Die Buttars! Throw yourself down some stairs, you disgusting pig fucker. And take the poster at anonymous 1:45 with you. You both share the same mind.

  5. Hmm, perhaps I'm missing some part of this story, but it seems to me, that Chris Buttars was ranked worse than Bill "Papa Bear" O'Riley because he wants people to say "Merry Christmas" because of his religious beliefs. Am I the only one asking "SO?!"? I mean, I personally am rather down on all religion, but I really don't care what silly greeting retailers spring on me while giving them my patronage. Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah or Chanukah, or Kwanzaa, or New Years ect, it's all the same to me, it's not like I'm going to make a scene and demand an apology if someone says "Merry Christmas" to me in passing. I would certainly be more outraged if someone said "There's no evidence of prisoner abuse at Guantanamo Bay, and have a good night".
    P.S. I did find it interesting he related shopping with church. I guess either way, there's money to be made.

  6. Don't you dare stand up for the right!!
    Report Commentby Try Logic Please @ 8:30pm - Wed Dec 3rd, 2008

    Shows how pathetic our world is. Chris Buttars is a great man with unpopular opinions. Wake up people, the end is here.

    He he he hehehehehehehehehe! gotta go change now hehehehehe

  7. I don't care what journalists say or print, but it's only fair to expect that whatever is said or printed be accurate.

    A bill calling for a legislature to create a law is very different from a bill calling for a legislature to pass a non-binding resolution.

    If CW posts a journalist's statement simply because a staff member agrees with it or thinks it's funny, without first ensuring the statement meets minimum journalistic standards for accuracy, what does that say about the CW staff?

  8. Looks like Buttars has called out the nymshifters and blind supporters.

    NO ONE has the right to tell a business how they "should" greet their customers.

    NON-binding? Sure. Just like LDS Seminary is a "nonbinding" way to separate and identify the Mormons from the non-Mormons in schools.

    And it's unconstitutional for the government to intercede. This "resolution" is just one step in the cog to homogenization of religion, and institutionalization of ONE religion in Utah.

    Do we get to vote on which religion gets institutionalized? (I know the so-called "good" Mormons, now outnumbered by other religions and nonbelievers, would lose.)

  9. I would like to point out, again, I frown upon religion, but I realize I live among religious people. And in the state of Utah, I'll be blunt, I have to tolerate Mormons. I agree LDS Seminary should not have a place in our public schools. Though its attendance is voluntary, or so I was lead to believe. However, we are talking about private institutions here, I.e. businesses. Now I agree that no one should tell businesses how they should greet their customer. However, as it is now, most places switched to the now standard and rather generalized "Happy Holidays". Because heaven forfend that you alienate someone in this new age of politically correct dogma. We dare not offend even one finicky person with a loud mouth, and a lot of spare time. So, as a C.Y.O.A. move, they discourage their employees from wishing people "Merry Christmas" I think it's time we stop worrying about offending people that seem to be looking for anything to raise hell over. We ALL have the right to say what we want, that's why they aren't making it a law, it's more of a suggestion. Or at very least, saying you shouldn't be afraid to wish someone a happy-whatever. My advice is, if someone/thing offends you, you have the right to say something about it. But please keep in mind, they have every right to offend you. Freedom of speech is a two way street. I personally don't think they should put Christmas trees in our public schools, the Capitol building, or any other government owned venue.
    Now, having said all that, I am no fan of Chris Buttars. He's a politician, so as a default position I assume he's done some terrible things to get where he is. But, he is still a citizen of this country, and as such he still has the right to say what he wants, and it's up to us, as "free thinking individuals" to decide what we will about it. I suppose at this point it's up to our "democratic process" to determine the best way to proceed. You do believe in our "Democracy" don't you?
    Besides, it seems to me in the P.C. age we live in, hypocrisy is the standard by which we judge others. After all, it's easier than judging ourselves.
    I do not agree with Buttars personally, but I will defend his right to say what ever he wants. Just as I would defend your rights to the same. For those whom claim to value diversity, they would seem to prefer we all think alike, so long as we think like them.

    Such a ruckus over a meaningless motion in our State Legislature. Are there not more important things to get worked up over?


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