Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Jon and Huck

[More Gay Marriage] I was way late to this discussion with Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee on the issue of same-sex marriage. I just saw the Dec. 8 episode of The Daily Show last night, while catching up on all my Comedy Central recordings. Please to excuse my tardiness in sharing this with you.

This video clip shows why Stewart is one of the best interviewers working right now. Of course the guy gets the laughs. But when he wants an answer from a shifty politician like Huckabee, he works as hard as anyone in the business to get it. And if he doesn't get the answer, at least he bores into a subject hard enough to make the guy squirm a bit.

It's long, but worth watching. (Holly Mullen)


  1. "Semantics is cold comfort when it comes to humanity."


  2. Haven't even watched the clip, but even as a conservative, I would be the first to say Huckabee is a pathetic excuse for a debater, and far less intelligent than Jon Stewart. Huckabee / Palin 2012 would have me leaving the Republican Party.

  3. I hadn't seen that video. Thanks for posting it. JS comes off as more intelligent and more compassionate.

    Pointing out the "bible excuse" as bogus was good. History shows the definition of marriage HAS EVOLVED (i.e. the polygamy and women-as-property stuff). But then, the oft-spoken religious stance is against evolution -- a limited either/or binary view of the world, dangerously ignoring history. But, God created evolution (which doesn't explain everything). God and evolution can co-exist. God is Love and the institution of marriage is all about love. MH and some Catholics, Mormons, etc are fighting evolution, God and Love!?

    Seems hypocritical to argue against REDEFINING "marriage" when you're simultaneously REDEFINING the word "equality!"


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