Monday, December 1, 2008

Sam Weller's Living Window

I remember when I first heard about models working in clubs dressed up as mermaids, just swimming around in floor to ceiling tanks while customers chowed on toro tartare, or those models who posed as mannequins and just stood around while people window-shopped. I thought that if this writing thing didn't pan out I could pursue a life fit for voyeurs.
I had a chance to test the waters last year by signing up for Sam Weller's Living Window, a brilliant holiday-tie-in deal in which any ol' person can sign up for a slot to sit in the downtown bookstore's window, read books, drink cocoa and maybe even pretend to be a mannequin for hour-long blocks. You too can partake in this strange opportunity, from now until the positions are filled, but possibly up until Christmas Eve.
What's in store? My City Weekly peeps tossed out a few concerns:

Q: Is it drafty and if so should I bring a blanket or shawl?
A: That's like asking a waiter if the food is spicy. If you get cold easily, bring a blanket. Or a pashmina.

Q: Isn't it weird having people stare at you? Did you feel eyes stabbing at your soul?
A: It's not any more uncomfortable than riding on TRAX. At least in the Living Window you are protected by a thin sheet of glass.

I thought it was nice to have a time strictly dedicated to reading. Plus, any friends and family that stop by while you're penned up get 10 percent off their Sam Weller's purchase. THEN, the more they buy, the bigger percentage you'll have taken off your purchase at the register. Not bad, eh? So what are you waiting for? Sign up already. Let me know when you'll be in there and I'll sit in the Coffee Garden and leer at you.

(Jamie Gadette)


  1. They should take it up a notch and frighten people like Leigh Bowery did with his self-installation at D'Offay Gallery in 1988.

  2. I remember seeing this last year and getting a super scare by a humannequin that moved...

  3. I tottered on by after seven in the evening the day after Thanksgiving and wondered why there was a couch sitting in the window. Maybe the models had a potty break? Donno, but now I will walk by during the day to see the peep show.

  4. I rather like this idea actually. I would like to see Sam Weller's make this a permanent feature of their store front. It's certainly eye catching.


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