Friday, December 19, 2008

Emerging Artists: Spinnerette

The job of a music writer is never done. While most writers are content to sit back and brush the dust of 2008 off their shoulders, coasting on their year-end-lists, we've already got our sights on what next year brings us.

One of my most anticipated bands is Spinnerette, fronted by ex-Distiller Brody Dalle. Despite the Distillers being an awesome band, it seems that most of Dalle's offstage antics are what made her famous - marriage to Rancid's Tim Armstrong, subsequent divorce and immediate remarriage to Rock's Most Endearing Asshole, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age).

That said, Spinnerette's music stands on its own, as evidenced by their recent self-released EP Ghetto Love. Tracks like "Valium Knights" is as intense as anything the Distillers put out, but it seems that Dalle has learned to croon in the meantime. "Distorting a Code" is thick and choppy, but Dalle's voice swoons above it all. Check it out!

(Ryan Bradford)

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