Friday, March 7, 2008

Sexy Time With KSL

[TV] By now, you've heard of/actively ignored NBC's Lipstick Jungle, a new Thursday-night knockoff of Sex and the City about three powerful Manhattan career women who still find time to cry, yell at their kids and knock back a few martinis with each other while whining about men.

One of the women, Nico (a magazine editor; the other two work in film and fashion--are there any other jobs in Manhattan?), is having an adulterous affair with a hot young stud, so we're treated about one PG-rated sexcapade per week. Last night, Lipstick Jungle's final scene was a nice overhead of naked Nico getting boned by said naked stud, leading right into KSL News at 10.

Are Bruce and Nadine aware of their steamy lead-in? Is anyone at KSL even paying attention? Why exactly are they still not carrying NBC's Saturday Night Live? Most importantly, why was I watching Lipstick Jungle? (Bill Frost)

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  1. hah! the saturday night live question is a good one. i love boning lead-ins to ksl news.


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